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Schedule for Beverage Sellers

2017 Deadline for committment
UT Football - Maryland (Sunday 9/2 @ TBD) TBD
UT Football - San Jose State (Saturday 9/9 @ TBD) TBD
UT Football - Kansas State (Saturday 10/7 @ TBD) TBD
UT Football - Oklahoma State (Saturday 10/21 @ TBD) TBD
UT Football - Kansas (Saturday 11/11 @ TBD) TBD
UT Football - Texas Tech (Saturday 11/24 @ TBD) TBD

You need to be TABC certified!  To get TABC certified, it takes about 3 hours online and around $12.  The certificate is good for 2 years and so should get you through what you need for Cougar Celebrations!  

TABC certification Sites:



1. When are the events? How long are shifts? Are we required to work for the duration of the event?

A full list of events will be sent via email to interested groups. Check-in for most races will start between 4:00-5:00 AM every day of the race.   Shifts are a minimum of 10 hours. Races are generally 3 days and groups are not required to work all of the days, but it’s the recommended option for maximizing profits. Concert arrival times will vary and shifts will generally be 8 hours.  

2. Will it be possible to break up the shift?

There are a lot of transport logistics and other issues for us to coordinate in having NPOs come out here, so unfortunately that isn't an option. Volunteers will be provided meals for breakfast and lunch, as well as breaks during the shift. In addition, if you expect your group may work more than one day, you can bring different volunteers each day to make it easier on everyone. We understand it's a time investment, but one that will pay off for your group in the end!

3. What is required of our group to volunteer with Sodexo?

To be eligible the group must have:

  • 501c3 status, i.e. be a verifiable tax-exempt nonprofit organization.
  • General liability insurance covering $300,000 (if you are not insured, we have an insurance company contact in Austin to get you started. Ask for more details) 
  • Cashiers and servers selling alcohol must be TABC certified.
  • W9 form, signed.

4. How much can we expect to make in commission? When will we be paid?

After taxes, sales in food and non-alcoholic beverages gain a commission of 10%, and sales in alcoholic beverages make 8% commission. For your participation, your group is guaranteed $125 per day per person for races and $100 for concerts. Assuming we have all of your necessary documentation, you can expect a paycheck within the month after your event. 

5. How many people are required to volunteer? 

We will have concessions of various sizes, so our opportunities are flexible if your group is small or large. The minimum is 4, but you’ll earn more profits with more workers.  We will try to keep larger groups working in the same area, but depending on scheduling we can’t guarantee it. 

6. What is the minimum age for participating volunteers?

Cashiers must be at least 18, and anyone else must be at least 16.  We do require at least a 1 adult to 1 kid ratio in each location.

7. My group contains underage members. Can they sell beer?

I am part of a religious group that isn’t interested in selling alcohol. Can we still take part?

What if we have people over 21, but they don’t have their TABC certification?

Any volunteers interested in selling beer or liquor at our events must be TABC certified. If you aren’t interested or qualified in serving alcohol, there may not be any opportunities for you at this time.  A large portion of our sales is alcohol related and therefore, almost all of our concession locations sell alcohol. Let us know of your preferences and we can see if there is still an opportunity for you here.

8. Where will we park for the event?

There will be a designated parking area for each event. We will provide more details once your group commits to volunteering. Carpooling is recommended and for some groups necessary.

9. What about uniforms and work attire? 

We will provide clean workshirts for the event. Volunteers are expected to show up with black pants/shorts, black closed toed shoes and a white undershirt. General appearance must be nice and clean-cut, and long hair must be pulled back

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