What is Cougar Celebration

The Connally High School (CHS) Project Graduation parent group encourages Connally High School students to embrace a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol. Its key activity is to organize and host an event held graduation night known as "Cougar Celebration". 

At Cougar Celebration, graduates attend an overnight lock-in party with a festive array of food, activities, games, entertainment, and prizes, all in a safe and supervised setting. This event provides a fun alternative to the sometimes risky partying that often occurs graduation night. More than 75% of the CHS graduating seniors attend. 

Similar Project Graduation celebrations are held in communities all over the nation.  The idea stemmed from a year of tragedies (1979) in a Maine community, when seven teenagers died in alcohol- and drug-related car crashes, all around graduation season.  

It takes quite an effort to raise the funds necessary for an event of this magnitude – approximately $100 per attendee. However, this is money well spent if even one life can be saved.  Each year parents, educators and community businesses join together to make this event a success. 

The CHS Project Graduation parent group is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible. 

The majority of activities and fundraisers are conducted by parents of current CHS seniors. Each graduating class has a committee of parents working towards its own Cougar Celebration night, and some fundraising effort begins the Sophomore or Junior year. These committees are named by year (CC2018, CC2019, etc.).

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