Reverse Raffle and Action (Feb 22):

WOW WOW WOW – our biggest fundraiser is over and we blew it out of the park!!  I was hoping we would raise $12,000 but we ended up taking in just under $14,300 after expenses!!  

This was a BIG effort based on a lot of peoples hard work and CC2015 appreciates any help that was given!

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FORMULA ONE (Nov 1-2):

WHEW … we had two VERY great days at Formula One!  Sat was slower but the girls working were dancing to the tunes and we got #1 Pins from RS3 for being such a fun booth!!  I caught people taking pictures and even videotaping out booth J  Sun we were slam dunked with customers and there was no time for dancing but we kept lines that never ended flowing and sold, as a guess probably around $15,000 worth of mostly beer!!  I was there both days and they were both great days in very different ways!!  Special thanks to the volunteers that gave up their day to work a VERY long day at the track (over 12 hours).  I hope they have all recovered!!

THANKS – Diane Upton, Tom Weeden, Mary Hale, Jenny Murphy, Pam Simpson, Jeff Hale, Mary Hale, David Books, Linda Casper, Scott Casper, Andy Rankine and Lisa Rankine!  If you see any of these people, please tell them thanks for all the hard work they put in!!  

CC2015, CC2016 (Casper’s) and CC2017 (Books) had workers and each will receive a portion of the proceeds!

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The last fundraiser for the CC2014 group was a success and the CC2015 group set record numbers!

Duetschen Pfest:

The last fundraiser for the CC2014 group was a success and the CC2015 group set record numbers!

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CC2014 parents in the “Wings ’N More” booth.

Please stop by Wing ’N More at 1200 Howard Lane (across from Home Depot) and thank them for their services to push CC2014 over our fundraising goal!

IMG 2805

Remnants of the CC2015 car smash!

It did look like a real car when it started.

Thanks to everyone who made the last year a success. Good luck CC2015!

Reverse Raffle and Dinner:

It was a fun night for everyone and we raised a lot of money for the Class of 2014 through the generous donations of local businesses and families. Special Thanks to: Mary Hale, Debbie Brown, Joy Bryant, Ty Grubb, Connally High School Jazz Band and Mr Lucius (The Auctioneer) for thier time and efforts to help make this year a success.


F1 Weekend:

Special Thanks to:

CC2014 parents Holly Books, David Books, David Cantu, Oscar Ligons, Mark Maglitto and Anabel Granado; and CC2015 parents Mary Hale, Jeff Hale, Diane Upton and Tom Weedon for thier efforts on Nov 16th and 17th. Working 2:00AM to 6:00PM for our Connally Graduates. Great Job!


Circuit of the America Booth


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