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Hello everyone!
Well, it's finally here! Signups are under way.

There is a Registration Rorm and a Bubble Soccer Waiver form to fill out (See the links below). If your student is not going to be participating in Bubble Soccer there is no need to fill out the waiver portion but the registration form is still required to attend.

Registration deadlines are:

May 5th - $10

May 26th - $15

Night of $20

Some of our Gifts and Sponsors include:

Holly and David Books

Contact or

Join us!

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2018 Reverse Raffle Dinner and Silent Auction

February TBD, 2018 @ 6 PM at the Pflugerville Lion's Club
$TBD/person, $TBD/couple

The biggest fundraiser of the year for Project Graduation!  This huge community event includes a reverse raffle, entertainment, dinner, door prizes, games, a silent auction and raffle items.  It’s a wonderful evening and we hope to see you all there in 2018! 

TABD Certification Instructions:

To get certified you can take an online course, which takes 3-4 hours and the end you will get a certificate that you can then email to me.   The cost ranges from around $11 to $15 depending on which one you use.  A link to a list of all TABC places is at  Courses that I know people have taken online are 

Next Meeting Date:

September 1, 7:00PM - Contact  

Fundraising Status:


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